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#hackjos 1st November 2018 Hackathon Plateau State

The New Economy, Human Capital Development & Youth Entrepreneurship.

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Join us on November 1st to 3rd, 2018 in the heart of Jos for the 4th edition of HackJos Challenge-Driven hackathon and Conference to expand your network, Knowledge, and multiply your partnership.

About Hackjos Event

Hackjos is nHub’s annual Flagship Challenge-Driven Conference and Hackathon that brings together budding entrepreneurs, startups, students, developers and leading industry players within and outside the country to share their candid and powerful experiences that are centered on entrepreneurship, technology, innovation, best practices, brainstorming solutions (Pitch), networking and also inspire participants to take action.

The Theme for 2018: The New Economy, Human Capital Development & Youth Entrepreneurship

With the increasing focus on human capital development and youth entrepreneurship as the new economy, both private and public sector actors must be aggressive in building capacity through partnerships. Incubators, early stage venture capitalists and others of this ilk should be engaged to drive “the new economy”.

On a policy level, government agencies and ministries overseeing youth development, entrepreneurship and employment must encourage the proliferation of human capital development and youth entrepreneurship training/culture — which develop not only practical, income-generating skills but also embed the entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge.

This year, we will be focusing and discussing methods and strategies for creating continuous drive for human capital development and youth entrepreneurship as the new economy – ranging from addressing the internal culture; to instituting the right policy and Partnerships.

Past speakers/judges

Winners from previous event

team bradsa

hackjos 2016

Weather Report

speaker: team Bradsa | topic: Smart Mirror

This innovation provides the ability to see weather reports, time, incoming mails, check maps, read news feed and many more without having to look down on our phones or turn on the computer. The smart mirror is a deal breaker on how we can progressively use our technology. The team was led by Jennifer Kwentoh with Charles Amos Ubokulom and Israel Obiagba as team members.

team ivory

hackjos 2016

Artificial Intelligence

speaker: team Ivory | topic: Smart Socket

>Solution based on a scientific approach in the field of computer science. The solution focuses on algorithms in the area pf artificial intelligence encapsulated in an agent that effectively manages power consumption in respect to user preferences and goals. The team was led by Ezenuobodo Chukuwuebuka Prince with Mani Litium Christopher and Oguikpu Elene Sylvester as team members.

team canon

hackjos 2016

Automated Irrigation System

speaker: Team Canon | topic: iFarm

An automated irrigation system called ifarm that collects data on the soil moisture level via mounted wirless sensors and process received data to determine water needs of the crop(s) and finanly notify farmers on the next course of action….the Team was led by Victor Ajor with Edward Obande and Adebayo Ishola as team members.

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